Dan Clark

2014-10-04 23:32:13.935459 - Finally....

Apparently buying a house sucks your soul. I managed to bite back some time to get this site back up. Stay tuned for gallery updates!

2013-09-21 01:35:28.227674 - sudo chmod -R in the root directory yeah that's a good idea

So I blew marco aways this week. I was trying to add in the reset password feature. I accidentally ran chmod in root...recursively. This is not a good thing as linux depends on certain things to be setup a certain way. I basically threw all of that off by resetting the permissions. The best part. The general linux community consesus is just to restart from scratch.

Regardless, the site is almost back. I just need to get the link to the image galleries back up. Although not bad for a hard night's work.

2012-10-01 22:57:02 - Happy Galleries

The galleries are in a good spot. The major functions that I was looking to get in are done and working. Everything else is a relatively minor change/iteration now. In fact tonight I was able to improve on the gallery permissions. I guess I need a new to do list. Here is a start:

  • Properly secure the entries. I need to figure out if I want to keep the current model of security on the models.
  • Add a javascript widgit to make gallery security easier
  • The arrows on the gallery are pretty much crap.
  • Make sure the text wraps better on the entries.
  • A different layout maybe?
  • Moveable overlay for the images in galleries.
  • Videos (This is major and would probably require a new machine).
  • Use of keyboard to control image movement
  • A better index on for galleries.
  • Comments? Maybe not
  • Tags for everything
  • Search through said tags.
  • Switch to InnoDB or even Postgres
  • Clean up the user authentication and authorization.
  • Move images from one gallery to another
  • Psedo galleries that can consist of images from other galleries, but have a different security level.

I think that's it for now. Its a big list, but many of the items are smaller tasks.


2012-09-13 21:53:55 - DB timeouts and the galleries

So there has been quite a bit of work done behind the scenes. The most important part is the config fix for sqlalchemy. It seems that ,by default, sqlalchemy doesn't refresh it's connections to the database fast enough for MySQL. MySQL's default is to timeout a connection after eight hours. That eight hour limit would cause pyramid to error out, the uwsgi instance would stop, and the user would see a nginx gateway error. Of course this would only happen after eight hours of idling.

Anyway, I made a change to sqlalchemy's config so that it would refresh the connection after a few hours. This was done by the following code

sqlalchemy.pool_recycle = 14400

At first it didn't seem to work, but I think I can safely say that it was a success. My best guess is that I didn't restart uwsgi properly and therefore there were still workers without the config. Regardless, I haven't seen a nginx gateway error in quite some time.

Another thing I have been working on is the photo gallery. This gallery is still not ready for the public, and it is only accessible to certain users. Once I build in some more controls I will make some galleries public. I just can't wait, because I am really proud of this one. It is now my central repository of photos. I just need to get a NAS to make it really secure.